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AppLixir is a Video Ad Platform that helps game developers on facebook, iOS and Android make more money with Video Ads.

It is easy to integrate and takes less than 10 minutes to start serving Video ads. It can be customized to follow the apps color and design theme. Last but not least, we are truly global with 70% video fill rate at a $3 + CPM worldwide

The AppLixir Difference

  • Easy

    Integration is as easy as dropping an ad tag inside your App. Copy the ad tag and you are set in less than 10 minutes.

  • Game Centric
    Media Player

    We customize the media player to match the color theme of your Application allowing seamless viewing experience.

  • Make
    More Money

    We work with 200+ Video Ad Buyers and optimize for best eCPM. The result ~75% video fill rate at $3+ eCPM.

  • Easy to Implement Video Ad Platform

    Getting stated with AppLixir is as easy as signing up, copy/paste an Ad tag. Since our platform is game centric, you don't need to modify the way the media player works. Everything can be customized from your account dashboard without touching any code.

    Our media player instantly loads when invoked and plays a 15-30 seconds Skippable video ads. The media player can also be customized to match the look and feel of your game creating a pleasant video ad viewing experience for your app users.

    AppLixir works with facebook, iOS and Android Apps currently serving millions of video ads on major facebook applications.

  • Seamless User Experience

    Video ads do not need to be annoying for game players. With Applixir, you can choose when and how to show the video ads. Our media player can be invoked when the game loads, between game session and/or levels.

    Further, we do work with game developers to customize the look/feel of the media player to match your game's theme. By enhancing the video viewing experience, you will get to make more money as well as enhance game's overall experience.

    Since launch, we haven't had any compliant from game players and have remained Facebook's preferred Ad provider since 2009.

  • We Monetize Worldwide

    We have one of the highest video ad fill rate in the industry. Our Video Ad fill rate is ~70% with an average $3 CPM worldwide.

    We do work with all video media exchanges and 200+ media buyers worldwide. We utilize real-time bidding that optimizes eCPM across all networks.

    We monetize well in Indonesia, Brazil Philippines, Turkey and other Third tier markets


Our Team

Technology is as good as the people behind it.
Our team draws 50+ years of experience from Technology, Gaming, Advertisement and Online Marketplace sectors. We are passionate about providing best monetization tools available that help game developers make more money.

  • Robel Alemu Leadership
  • Sky Kruse Scalability
  • Vishal Radhakrishnan Product
  • Aaron Choi Partnership
  • Nayana Hettiarachchi Web Platform
  • Alexandr Glagoliev iOS Platform
  • Stanislav Malchev Android Platform
  • We are Hiring


Current eCPMS

Facebook iOS Android
Africa $  1.25 $  3.00 $  3.00
North America $  7.00 $ 12.00 $ 12.00
Australia $  9.00 $ 10.00 $ 10.00
East Europe $  2.75 $  4.00 $  4.00
Middle East $  3.00 $  5.00 $  5.00
Scandinavia $ 11.00 $ 13.00 $ 13.00
South America $  3.00 $  5.00 $  5.00
South East Asia $  4.00 $  5.00 $  5.00
West Europe $  6.00 $  9.00 $  9.00
Video Fill Rate by Geography

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