We love games too. We’re game enthusiasts who have mastered game mechanics, incentives, and user engagement. We don’t work alone – we have game experts and game-centric psychologicsts who also love games analyzing our data.

We’re basically saying that we do all the heavy lifting, and you reap the benefits. We offer a super easy-to-use turnkey solution that will benefit advertisers, developers, AND players at every level.

We have an expert team on this. We’re excited to work with you!

AppPrizes is based in Seattle, WA and lead by Robel Alemu, Sky Kruse, Mbwana Ailly and others, all with hands on experience at Top 10 game applications on facebook. You can reach us at or call 425-390-4167

We have everything at our disposal to help you monetize your game.  All you have to do is get started by clicking the Sign Up Button Above!

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