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You have a great app – now take it to the next level!

Your users love to play the games you create. What would happen if you could monetize your Facebook, iPhone or Android app, and create a REAL opportunity for users to win tournaments and claim prizes?

We are a one-stop solution for growing, engaging & monetizing social games

AppPrizes makes it SO easy to run a tournament with your existing app! With one of the absolute highest ROIs out there, you can completely transform the way users interact with your app. When real prizes and tournament scores are at stake, users keep coming back for more – building your loyalty over time!

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Grow Your App

Use our Email messaging platform to reach out and engage the 60% dead!

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Give Away Prizes

AppPrizes makes it SO easy to run tournaments & give away prizes inside your app: engage your users better!

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Make More Money

New sources of revenue from AppPrizes tournaments & Leading CPM Display and Video Brand Ads!

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