Give away Prizes

There are millions of games competing for the same Facebook, iPhone or Android users! Acquiring users may be difficult, but keeping users engaged is even harder! Many of the developers we work with want to engage these app users better, hence increasing the life time value of a user. Here’s the deal:

Tournaments and prizes are the best way to engage users

People are competitive by nature, and that competition means more than street cred when prizes become involved. If you’re not using tournaments to leverage more users, why not start? It’s so easy.

We provide an easy to integrate tournament platform

You can use to run contest and give real prizes. This will create a strong engagement and increase the life time value of your user base. From experience, we can tell you loyal users come back more often and stay longer, as long as you continue to deliver a great experience and the right incentive.

Engagement Increases

When you offer tournaments, the dynamics between your players starts to change. Players will talk if possible, will get to know each other, and news of how fun your game is, will spread across the network. Think about it – if you were at the top of a game with 3000 other players behind you, wouldn’t you get on Facebook and tell your friends about the app? Bragging rights mean quite a bit – and creating competition is a great way to enhance engagement.

You can get more revenue out of a tournament

Increasing your bottom line is important, and it can happen when you run AppPrizes tournament. We have taken our time to design tournaments that engage and let users pay for it; if they choose to do so. It’s a new source of revenue & you get to keep 50%!

Real Prize giveaways

Yes, every tournament winner gets A Real Prize!

Our team of experts understand the State, Federal and International laws governing Prize giveaway and acts accordingly.

We take the headache of figuring out what’s legal & not legal, to whom to ship, where to ship, how to ship; all minor details you need not worry about!

Grow Your App

Use our Email messaging platform to reach out and engage the 60% dead!

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Give Away Prizes

AppPrizes makes it SO easy to run tournaments & give away prizes inside your app: engage your users better!

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Make More Money

New sources of revenue from AppPrizes tournaments & Leading CPM Display and Video Brand Ads!

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