Make more Money

AppPrizes tournaments have built-in monetization tools that encourage users to pay for the tournament! Every game is different so we provide customized tournament solution for Puzzle, Role Play, Race or other types of games.

When you hold a tournament, you also increase your user traffic and interaction with your game. When something is at stake – even just first place – many players become even more enmeshed and excited about a game. Why not give them the opportunity to get excited and engage – and generate new revenue?

Ways you can monetize:

  • Tournament in-game challenges
  • Place user friendly in-game ads at breaks
  • High CPM Brand Ads!

We will analyze your game situation and make recommendations based on what will work best for you, and yield the highest ROI to your advertisers.

Grow Your App

Use our Email messaging platform to reach out and engage the 60% dead!

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Give Away Prizes

AppPrizes makes it SO easy to run tournaments & give away prizes inside your app: engage your users better!

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Make More Money

New sources of revenue from AppPrizes tournaments & Leading CPM Display and Video Brand Ads!

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