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As a developer, you have a few choices out there to help monetize your game. Why should you choose AppPrizes?

Our HUGE Userbase

We have more than 5 million Email subscribers who actively follow Our tournaments and prize giveaways! We notify these HUGE active userbase which games have started giving away prizes. with a 15% conversion; you’ll reap the benefits faster!

Easy Sharing & Invite Tools

AppPrizes tournaments come with inbuilt sharing tools that encourages users to invite their friends and post on newsfeeds!

We are 100% committed to YOU!

Trying to grow your App with Pay Per install is VERY expensive! We provide a simple solution that will not require you to spend $$$!.

Free App Developer Consultation

We offer our developers free consultation on how to grow apps across Facebook and many other mobile platforms.

There’s no better way to try out our offerings than to sign up. We’d also be glad to take you through a tour of our service personally!

Grow Your App

Use our Email messaging platform to reach out and engage the 60% dead!

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Give Away Prizes

AppPrizes makes it SO easy to run tournaments & give away prizes inside your app: engage your users better!

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Make More Money

New sources of revenue from AppPrizes tournaments & Leading CPM Display and Video Brand Ads!

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